In-Person Autograph Collecting Tips

In-Person Autograph Collecting Tips

Have you ever wondered how to approach a celebrity to ask for an autograph?  Etiquette is of vital importance when meeting a famous person.  You must remember to respect their privacy, and treat them with dignity.  Here are some tips that will make the encounter more enjoyable for the both of you and increase your chances of obtaining an autograph.

In-Person Autograph Etiquette 101

  • Timing is Everything - If you see your favorite celebrity sitting across from you at a restaurant, withhold all urges to jump out of your seat and tackle them!  Seriously though, you will be screaming on the inside, but you need to remain calm and resist the temptation to approach them while eating.  It is also frowned upon if you interrupt them while their conducting business or with their family.

    If you absolutely need to meet the celebrity and/or want their autograph, just be patient and an opportune moment will arise for you to politely request a signature.  Your respect and patience will be appreciated, and usually rewarded.

  • Shhhh... Calm Down - It's natural to want to shout or talk loudly when you are excited, but do your best to refrain from screaming "Will You Marry Me?!" at the top of your lungs.  In my experience, celebrities are much more willing to stop and sign if they are in a calm environment.

  • Be Genuine and Courteous - While you may think that you're on a first-name basis with a celebrity, you should always address them as Mr., Ms., or Mrs., unless they request otherwise.  We know you have seen all of their movies or have all of their stats memorized since 1989, but you don't know them personally, so it is best not to act overly familiar.

  • Ink is Important - If you're requesting an autograph, make sure that you have a pen that works and something that can be written upon.  Just in case, I always carry a Sharpie... you never know who is going to pop up.

  • Don't Be Greedy - Limit your request to one or two items.  Many celebrities adhere to a strict "one item per person" policy.  If you are hoping to get multiple items signed, wait until the celebrity has finished signing for everyone else before requesting another signature.

  • Remember to Use the "Magic Words" - Come on now... be polite!  Express your appreciation with a quick "thank you."  They really didn't HAVE to stop and sign your item, so let them know that you're grateful.

If you follow the same rules that would apply to any other stranger you approach, most celebrities would be more than willing to give you an autograph or pose for a quick snapshot.  So have fun and enjoy the experience!